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Ways To Stop Bleeding Gums

March 7, 2022

Gums Bleeding

Bleeding gums are so common that most of us will have them at some point in our lives. More than half of people have had their gums bleed while brushing their teeth in the last year alone. When our gums start to bleed, it’s a sign that we need to change our oral health habits.

As long as our gums bleed, we shouldn’t be afraid to look at them. There’s a lot of truth to this. Here are a few ways to stop your gums from bleeding:

Always correctly brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes with a toothpaste that has fluoride in it for two minutes

The best way to keep our gums healthy is to brush our teeth twice a day with a toothpaste that has fluoride in it for two minutes each time. Make sure to brush your teeth at least once a day with an electric toothbrush.

It’s just as vital that we spit out the toothpaste and don’t rinse our mouths with water after we brush our teeth. We get extra protection because the fluoride stays on our teeth for longer this way, giving us additional security.

Use interdental brushes or floss to clean your teeth between your teeth

Another essential part of a good oral health routine is to use interdental brushes or floss. So why can’t we brush our teeth like interdental brushes or floss? A toothbrush can’t get in between our teeth the way these things can. It’s essential to get into places that a toothbrush can’t reach because if we don’t, pockets of plaque could build up, which could hurt our gums.

Use a mouthwash that has fluoride in it to help keep your teeth clean and healthy

Fluoride mouthwash is beneficial to our dental health since it aids in the removal of food particles and other contaminants from our mouths. It also stops plaque from building up on our gums, between our teeth, and on the surface of our teeth when we don’t brush.

It can also help us have a fresh breath by killing the bacteria that cause bad breath (halitosis). It’s crucial that when we choose a mouthwash, we pick one with fluoride to help protect our teeth all day.

Going to the dentist in O Fallon

Yes, if our car is broken, we’d probably get it fixed by going to the shop. The same thing happens when we have problems with our mouth and need help from a dental care professional. Dental care is the best place to go for any issues with our teeth and gums, like bleeding gums, so we can get them checked out.

If our gums keep bleeding for a long time, we mustn’t wait for our next appointment to come around. Instead, pick up the phone and make an appointment.

Have a healthy life

This is important for more than just bleeding gums. It’s essential for good health in general, as well. Our mouths need to work well if we eat a healthy diet. We need to keep in mind that “no added sugar” does not mean that the product is sugar-free when we read the labels. Simply, it means that no extra sugar has been added. However, it does not mean that there are any naturally-occurring sugars present. It’s also essential to think about things like smoking and drinking alcohol when you think about how your oral health will work out. People addicted to smoking are more likely to get gum disease than people who don’t smoke. In this case, the lack of oxygen in the bloodstream hurts the gums because they don’t have a chance to heal.

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