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Mistakes That We Usually Make While Brushing And How To Fix Them

March 18, 2021

brushing teeth tips

A radiant and healthy smile is one of our most captivating traits, right? But what can damage your teeth? Poor oral hygiene routine! Brushing your teeth is a crucial part of an oral regimen. Although brushing seems to be a simple job, there are still few mistakes that we make unknowingly.

Given below are some common brushing mistakes that you need to avoid:

Mistake 1: Using the wrong toothbrush

There are generally two types of toothbrushes namely: manual and electric. Pick what suits you the most. But always do remember to choose a soft-bristled toothbrush.

 Note: Your brush should fit evenly in your mouth. It should be able to brush all of your teeth and gum areas. 

Mistake 2: Not replacing your age-old toothbrush

Continuously using the same toothbrush for too long is a big NO-NO! It’s necessary to change it after every 3-4 months or when the bristles begin to fray or break. Never do compromise your oral health.

Mistake 3: Storing your toothbrush improperly 

Always make sure not to keep your toothbrush wet if you store it in an enclosed space like a cabinet. It turns to be a favored breeding spot for bacteria! Always place the brush in an erect position and let it dry in the open air.

Mistake 4: Brushing the wrong way 

Gently brush your teeth particularly where your gums and teeth meet. Do not be too harsh. Begin from the gum line and firmly move up and down in circular motions. Also do brush the inner sides of your teeth. And make sure that the toothpaste contains fluoride!

Never scrub your teeth. When you scrub them back and forth, it can injure your gums, and also the corners between the teeth won’t be cleaned accurately. This lets the plaque and bacteria grow, which causes cavities and other oral hazards.

Mistake 5: Rushing the brushing 

When you rush while brushing, that won’t help to clean all of your teeth. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that your toothbrush session should be around two minutes twice daily! 

Remember, don’t brush too repeatedly! Doing this can ruin your enamel along with gums.

Mistake 6: Forgetting your gums

Well, you should know that the gum line gathers a mass of bacteria and plaque. This can cause future gum bleeding and pain. Therefore, clean the gum line. 

Do keep your toothbrush bent at an angle of 45-degree. Then enable the bristles to enter your gum line. After that, clean the area in circular motions. 

Mistake 7: Brushing immediately after meals

We usually intake acidic foods. Hence, this makes the dental cavity an acidic environment. Brushing your teeth just after eating with normal toothpaste can erode the enamel layer of your teeth. 

 As per ADA suggestions, wait for an hour after you eat, and then brush.

Let your Dentist in O’Fallon help you keep your teeth healthy and clean.