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How Does 3D Technology helps in growing dental field

March 11, 2022

3D Dental Technology

In the last ten years, the dental industry has changed thanks to 3D printing.From stable broken teeth to dental floss, 3D printing has been used in many different ways. Many people use stereolithography (SLA), digital light processing (DLP), and selective area light curing technology to make their teeth look 3D. (LCD). Resins come in a wide range by the type of job they’re used for.

At Twin Oaks Family Dental, we use the most up-to-date technology, like our SprintRay Pro 3D printer, to make unique aligners, dentures, and surgical guides right here in the office. With our digital impression software, we can make custom-fitting and more comfortable orthodontic trays that you don’t have to wear for a long time before you can start. Soon after they’re made, we’ll call you in so you can start your treatment and start your journey to a healthier and more beautiful smile.

The most common applications of 3D printing in dentistry are clear aligners and night guards. This process starts with a dentist or orthodontist taking a picture of a patient’s teeth. Then, the dentist or orthodontist uses domain software to make a 3D solid model of his teeth.

Make a model 

There are two ways to do this. In the first step, the patient’s teeth are printed out. After that, it will be the aligner. Secondly, the doctor can also use the solid model of the patient’s teeth to make the aligner itself. Then, the doctor can print it. To do this, you’ll need an Ultra HD dental 3D printer with a special resin.

The main benefit of 3D printing to make night protection and aligners is that it can be done quickly. Putting together a lot of things takes only a few hours. The technology also makes each product more accurate because it is created by scanning the patient’s teeth very close to how they look.


When you break a tooth, the dentist makes a crown to fill the gap. The traditional way takes a long time and costs a lot. To make crowns, we use 3D printing. This makes it very simple. The doctor will first take a picture of the teeth that are broken. Then, the doctor will use the software to create a crown model that will fit over the teeth.

The surgical guide

People who do oral surgery must be cautious. With dental 3D printing, the doctor only needs to take a picture of the patient’s mouth, make a model that looks like an aligner, and then open the mouth where the operation will be done. We can use the same resin that the locator and the night guard are made of when printing.

This is a model of the teeth

You must do things right the first time in the dental field. The dental 3D printer can help you do this. Our dental technicians  can make a model of a patient’s mouth to make sure that their implants, crowns, or aligners are correct.

3D printed dental models are very easy to make. There isn’t much they need to do. They need to look at the patient’s mouth quickly. However, they are still essential tools for dentists because they can check their work before patients. These models aren’t going to be put in your mouth, so they don’t need any technology or resin to make them look good. They are straightforward and instrumental.

At Twin Oak Dentistry at O’Fallon we provide the most advanced 3d printed aligners to our patients which are of premium quality.