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How Can You Protect Your New Veneers From Damage

April 18, 2022

How to Protect Veneer From Damage

Tooth whitening alone won’t be effective in many situations of extreme staining; therefore, many turn to dental veneers.Chipped or broken teeth, which cannot be repaired with standard dental treatments and hence seem unattractive, may be effectively repaired. They may also be utilized to fill in the gaps between the front teeth in rare circumstances (known as a diastema). The versatility of dental veneers makes them an excellent option for enhancing a patient’s smile.Visit Twin Oaks Family Dental in O Fallon for the best dental veneers treatment in the area.

The wear and tear of everyday life

Dental veneers can only be applied to teeth that can be seen because of their design. There are many reasons they aren’t suited for placing on back teeth, which are the site of most chewing while eating. These include their attachment technique and material fineness.Using them on the back teeth would be a waste of time since they are mostly a cosmetic remedy for discolored or fractured teeth.

Dentists at Twin Oaks Family Dental in O Fallon provide this advice to help customers get the most out of their new dental veneers and ensure they last a long time, even when affixed to the front teeth.

Other items such as fingernails

Biting down on hard things might cause dental veneers to come loose since they are linked to the teeth’s front surfaces.

Fingernail biting is one of the most prevalent causes of this. This is something that some individuals do automatically without even realizing it. Fingernail biting is, without a doubt, one of the most common reasons for dental veneer detachment in O Fallon.

Despite the fact that it is not the only one, it is a common one and a similar behavior that may contribute to this. If you do one of these things, you risk separating the veneer.

Please get in touch with our dentists in O Fallon as soon as possible if your veneers fall loose. Veneers may often be reattached using dental cement in many circumstances. Do not use superglue or similar items to do this yourself — it has occurred previously and has caused a lot of issues!


We’ve heard from several of our patients that flossing might cause their veneers to lose. It’s quite improbable that this will happen if the veneers were installed correctly. Furthermore, the reduced risk of gum disease that flossing helps to avoid outweighs any little danger.


When it comes to cleaning the teeth, the same holds, brushing is unlikely to cause a dental veneer to come loose.

The fact that dental veneers made of porcelain or ceramic are less likely to stain than natural teeth does not rule out the possibility that they may stain under certain conditions, notably in the event of frequent smoking. Regardless, brushing is critical for maintaining excellent dental health and preventing gum disease, as does flossing.

Visit Twin Oaks Family Dental in O Fallon for the best dental veneers treatment in nearby areas.