Tooth Extractions

Comfortable Tooth Removal in O’Fallon, MO

Preventative care is a major part of our approach to dentistry, and we always strive to keep your smile healthy. However, there are times when a tooth has suffered extensive damage to the point where it needs to be removed. Extracting the tooth in these situations can help relieve pain as well as safeguard your health.

Additionally, wisdom teeth frequently need extraction. Third molars usually arrive during adolescence or young adulthood. However, there is seldom room for wisdom teeth and allowing them to erupt can lead to crowding, infection, and other problems.

Our expert dentists at Twin Oaks Family Dental will make sure to remove your problem teeth with care and comfort. We always conduct a consultation before any procedure where all your questions are answered and your concerns addressed. When you or a loved one requires a tooth extraction, you can trust us to carry out the procedure safely and with compassion.

To schedule your consultation, please contact Twin Oaks Family Dental at (636) 978-6400.