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Fast Emergency Dentistry In O’Fallon

December 30, 2021

Emergency Dentistry

When you experience extreme pain in your mouth, bleeding gums, a displaced tooth stuck in your gums, or an accidentally knocked-out tooth, you must see your emergency dentist in O’Fallon right away.
Dental emergencies are serious, and never them lightly. Emergency dentistry is a unique service provided by professional dentists that aim to handle dental emergencies that ring your doorbell without any prior notice or warning.

When Do We Need Emergency Dentistry?

Have you been looking for an emergency dentist near me? Or needed emergency dental treatment? Relying on the core of the issue, you likely underwent extreme pain and a lot of discomfort in the process. People often ask how to handle a dental emergency, but first, let us take a look in more detail what the common dental emergencies are:


Pain is never a good sign: it can point to several conditions, including tooth decay. And while some toothaches are bearable without emergency treatment, some symptoms like swelling need acute attention.
Avoid pivoting to traditional remedies like taking aspirin or other painkillers because contact with the impacted gums can burn the tissue. Instead, apply a cold compress to the exterior of your cheek and call an emergency dentist in O’Fallon.
Once your treatment is over, your dentist will not stress sufficiently the significance of basic oral hygiene to contain cavities, tooth decay, and other worse severe dental problems.

Chipped or broken teeth

Did you bite down on something too hard? A chipped or broken tooth can ruin your perfect smile — it can also hurt. Rinse your mouth with warm water and use a piece of gauze to the spot of the bleeding. Then, use a cold compress over to the portion of your face nearest to the damaged or chipped tooth to lessen swelling.
While seeking emergency dentistry, the dentist will instruct you strictly not to bite any hard food, not to play sports that can result in teeth chipping.

Knocked-out tooth

Likewise, as you can handle a chipped or broken tooth, pick the tooth up by the crown and rinse it off with water if it is dirty. Otherwise, avoid scrubbing and pulling attached tissue fragments.
Depending on the injury, you can put the tooth back in place but be cautious not to force it into the socket. The sooner you can do this — the better your odds of preserving a knocked-out tooth and repairing it in place.
If you cannot reinsert the tooth back, put it in a small cup with milk or water with a salt pinch. It will help preserve the tooth in time for emergency restoration at our emergency dental office in O’Fallon.

Lost filling or crown

Crowns and fillings fix formerly damaged teeth back to optimal appearance and operation. So when these break, you must get them treated right away to avoid additional damage or reinfection.
Try this quick fix while waiting for emergency dental care. Attach a bit of sugarless gum into the cavity, but do not fix the tooth all by yourself to avoid harming it. You can also put the restoration in a bag and bring it to your dentist to get it fitted with a new crown.

Broken Orthodontics

Braces are challenging — these metal wires and brackets get created to withstand daily depreciation while chewing, eating, and even talking. But still, they can damage your cheeks and gums. Not only does this cause pain, but it can hinder down or even change progress in aligning and straightening teeth.


Infections in the mouth, around the root of a tooth, or in the area between the teeth and gums are way more severe than you think. When left untreated, these can spread to surrounding teeth and gum tissue, and even the remainder of the body.
Not sure if you have an abscess? Check your gums for a hurting, pimple-kinda puffy spot. Call our dental office in O’Fallon for emergency treatment to avoid more harmful oral health problems. Rinse your mouth with a mild water solution and apply ice to the puffy area for temporary relief.

Bleeding and pain after a tooth extraction

It is okay to experience post-surgical pain and bleeding, but if it continues even an hour later. Now is the time to call your emergency dentist in O’Fallon. You can even place a wide gauze pad over the tooth extraction site and apply force by biting down on the gauze.

The Basics of Preventing a Dental Emergency

  • Use a mouthguard
  • Watch what and how you eat
  • Never chew on anything else
  • Routine dental visits
  • Practice daily dental hygiene

Why Choose Twin Oaks Family Emergency Dentistry in O’Fallon?

At our Emergency Dentistry in O’Fallon, we provide same-day emergency treatment for you. We also accept dental insurance for your dental emergencies. Contact us today to request an appointment. We can meet your needs for emergency dentistry & other dental or oral health issues as well.